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Getting Great Flavor With Your Smoker Grill

Before using charcoal in your smoker grill, you should consider the type of charcoal that you are planning to use. Some charcoals are not meant to be used in smoker grills, and will leave a bad taste on your meats. Charcoal briquettes that already have lighter fluid on them (self-starting) will sometimes leave a bad taste on your meats.

The best type of fuel to use in a smoker grill would be hardwood. You can burn hardwood chunks as long as they are not too big, hardwood chips and also hardwood lump charcoal in your smoker grill.

Hardwood chips produce a lot of smoke quickly, for a rich flavor but they also burn much faster than lump charcoal or hardwood chunks. You can soak hardwood chips in water before burning them in your smoker grill. This will create more gradual smoke, for an even richer smoky flavor, with less bitterness. Since hardwood chips burn faster than chunks or lump charcoal, they are more expensive to burn but they do create the richest and smokiest flavor.

Hardwood chunks are the best fuel if you wish to smoke meats for a long period of time. Chunks burn longer than hardwood chips, and do not need to be replaced as often as chips. You can place chunks in your smoker grill and leave it for hours before you will have to add more hardwood. Chunks also create a rich and smoky flavor, and are considered by some professionals to be the best fuel to use in smoker grills. These also last longer and help prevent a bitter taste when soaked in water for a few minutes before burning.

Hardwood lump charcoal is the cheaper fuel for smoker grills, but it does not create a flavor as rich as hardwood chips or chunks. Lump charcoal is made from pieces of scrap wood and creates less ash than regular charcoal briquettes.

For an intense flavor, you mix dried herbs with your wood. The smoke from the herbs will create an herbal flavor that can never be duplicated on regular grills or in the oven. You can also bur garlic gloves if you wish to add a taste of smoky garlic to your meats.

If you love the great taste of barbeque, but want the rich smoky flavor gotten from your smoker grill then remove your meats from your smoker about 30 minutes before they are done. Baste them with your favorite barbeque sauce and grill on a regular charcoal grill for 30 minutes. Your meat will retain the smoky goodness provided by your smoker grill; yet give you all of the good richness from your favorite barbeque sauce.

Another great tip for great taste would be to simmer your meats in a crock-pot full of beer for a few hours before placing them in your smoker grill. Then smoke as usual, barbeque if you wish; and you'll find the flavor makes your whole family and all of your guests go hog wild over your grilled masterpieces.


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